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Middle East Championship Finals 2014 Round Up   04/06/2014

Mens Senior Championship Finals

The Dubai Celts won this year’s Mens Senior Middle East League and went in as favorites for the Championship where they were looking to pull of the double. Abu Dhabi Na Fianna finished second in the League and were the defending Champions having won the Championship last year. The hosts of this year’s Championship finals were the Arabian Celts who finished third in the League and contested 3 finals throughout the season were quietly confident of making another final on home ground. Qatar GAA had an indifferent League Campaign finishing in that 4th slot but had success elsewhere winning the Derek Brady Cup for the first time at the Asian Gaelic Games in Kuala Lumpur and the Gulf Gaelic Games  at the end of March.

As had been the case all season there was very little between the Teams with a kick of the ball the difference between winning and losing. Dubai Celts got off to a great start beating the Arabian Celts in their opening match and with Qatar GAA beating Abu Dhabi Na Fianna in their opening game the smart money was on a Dubai/Qatar Final. The Arabian Celts hit the ground running in their 2nd game and got the win over defending Champions Abu Dhabi Na Fianna who were facing an early exit. League winners the  Dubai Celts met a determined Qatar Team in their 2nd game and despite a spirited 2nd half comeback, Qatar came away with their 2nd win of the day. In the final group games Abu Na Fianna needed a win over Dubai to stay in the competition and Dubai knew a win would see them safely into the final. Dubai probably came into the game a little complacent and Abu Dhabi saw the opportunity and had 3 points on the board without reply. Dubai dug deep and it was 5 points apiece at half time. The games were tied at 7 points with a minute on the clock and Abu Dhabi struck a killer goal. Dubai came back hard but the Abu Dhabi defence held firm and got the much needed win and with a better score difference putting them in pole position for a final as the Arabian Celts lined up against hot favorites Qatar in the last group game. The final group game went point for point before Qatar struck a goal before half time. The Arabian Celts fought hard I the 2nd half and went a point ahead with a minute on the clock. Qatar came back to equalize with the final kick of the game putting them in the final with two wins and a draw against the Arabian Celts with one win and a draw. The Arabian Celts went into the final with two men down as Brian Cafferty had  pulled a groin and Terry Kehoe had pulled a hamstring with the last kick of the game in the final group game. Despite the setback the Celts went two points up in the final before Qatar struck their first goal. The Celts drew level with a point before Qatar struck a 2nd goal before half time. The Arabian Celts were back in it with an Alan Burke goal on the resumption of the 2nd half before Qatar pulled ahead with 2 Collie Coyle points. As the 2nd half wore the shortage in numbers was beginning to take its toll on the Celts in the searing heat. Both sides traded further points before referee Michael  Collins blew the final whistle and Qatar GAA were crowned Middle East GAA Senior Champions 2014.  

In other results  Abu Dhabi na Fianna had some consolation in when their Mens B won the Mens Senior Plate over a much improved Al Ain Team. 

In the Mens Intermediate competition the Kuwait Harps had a very close win over Naomh Alee Riyadh in the Mens Intermediate final. The mens Intermediate Plate saw an all Oman clash with Clann na hOman facing Omann GAA for the first time with Clann na hOman the eventual winners with a closer than expected  one point victory over their neighbours. 

In the Mens junior competition the Arabian Celts All Stars had a good win over the Kuwait Harp B Team having lost to them in the group games earlier in the day.

In the Mens junior competition the Arabian Celts All Stars had a good win over the Kuwait Harp B Team having lost to them in the group games earlier in the day. 

Ladies Senior Championship finals 

In the Ladies Senior Championship Abu Dhabi Na Fianna Ladies have dominated the League and Championship over the last two years and this year was no different. The won the Middle East League this year with the Dubai Celts running them very close throughout the competition finishing second. Former League winners Sharjah Wanderers finished 3rd and Abu Dhabi B pipped the Arabian Celts for 4th spot in the Championship finals in the last round of the League.  On finals day Abu Dhabi Na Fianna started as they finished the league with 3 wins out of 3 in the Group games and qualifying for the Championship finals. Dubai Celts had a solid start with a win against Sharjah but it was the Abu Dhabi Na Fianna B Team that shocked the other heavy weights with wins over Dubai and Sharjah to make it an all Abu Dhabi Final. It was close in the early stages but this Abu Dhabi Team showed why they are true Champions and got the crucial goals either side of halftime that put them into the driving seat to secure the win and a 2nd double of League and Championship wins in two years. 

In the Ladies Senior Plate Qatar GAA had a one point victory over host Club the Arabian Celts. In the Ladies Intermediate Final the Kuwait Harps ladies secured their 2nd intermediate title of the day with a win over Naomh Alee Riyadh and in the Ladies Junior finals the Abu Dhabi Harlequeens secured the win over the Arabian Celts Legends. 

Mens Hurling Championship 

The Dubai Celts were favourites coming into the competition having secured the Middle East League two weeks earlier with the Arabian Celts/Qatar Team hot on their heels having finished runner up in the league. With tough matches against Clann na hOman in the group games it was the top two in the final once again. This time the Arabian Celts/Qatar Boys had their revenge with a one goal victory over the   Dubai Celts to be crowned the first Middle East GAA Hurling Champions.

Pitch 1 (Grass)             
09:00Kuwait Harps A4-4-16v1-2-5Arabian Legends
09:20Abu Dhabi A 5-5-20v0-1-1Abu Dhabi B
09:40Clann na hOman0-6-6v2-7713Naomh Alee Riyadh
10:00Dubai A2-1-7v1-1-4Sharjah
10:20Arabian Celts0-8-8v3-4-13Dubai A
10:40Qatar A0-9-9v0-5-5Abu Dhabi A
11:00Kuwait Harps A2-9-15v1-1-4Oman GAA
11:20Abu Dhabi C1-4-7v2-5
11Naomh Alee Riyadh
11:40Abu Dhabi A 8-5-29v2-1-7Sharjah
12:00Dubai A1-2-5v1-5-8Abu Dhabi B
12:20Arabian Celts3-5-14v2-7-13Abu Dhabi A
12:40Qatar A1-6-9v0-3-3Dubai A
13:00Abu Dhabi A 3-4-13v0-1-1Dubai A
13:20Abu Dhabi B5-3-18v1-2-5Sharjah
13:40Ladies Intermediate - Abu Dhabi C 1-1-4v2-4-10Ladies Intermediate - Riyadh
14:00Dubai A0-7-7v1-7-10Abu Dhabi A
14:20Arabian Celts0-6-6v1-3
6Qatar A
14:40Mens Intermediate-Riyadh1-4-7v1-2-5Mens Intermediate/Arabian Legends
15:00Mens Intermediate - Abu Dhabi C1-2-5v2-16-22Mens Intermediate - Kuwait A
15:40Mens Snr Plate - Abu Dhabi B3-6-15v0-3-3Mens Snr Plate - Al Ain
16:00Ladies Cup Final - Abu Dhabi A0-8-8v1-1-4Ladies Cup Final -Abu Dhabi B
16:30Mens Snr Cup Arabian Celts1-5-8v2-4-10Mens Snr Cup - Qatar A

Pitch 2 (Astro Turf)             
09:00Abu Dhabi C6-8-26v
-1-1Abu Dhabi D
09:20Qatar A2-6-12v242-8Al Ain
09:40Arabian Celts3-5-14v1-1-4Clann na hOman
10:00Dubai B1-3-6v2-3-9Al Ain
10:20Qatar B0-6-6v0-7-7Abu Dhabi B
10:40Qatar A3-6-15v3-0-9Clann na hOman
11:00Arabian Celts/Qatar - Hurling0-0-7v0-0-2Al Ain/Clann na hOman - Hurling
11:20Arabian Celts1-6-9v1-4-7Al Ain
11:40 0-0-
12:00Dubai B1-4-7v2-9 15Abu Dhabi B
12:20Arabian Legends3-3-12v2-1-7Oman GAA
12:40Qatar B1-5-8v1-6-9Al Ain
13:00Clann na hOman2-3-9v2-5-11Abu Dhabi C
13:20Arabian Celts/Qatar Final 0-0-3v0-0-2Dubai A- Final
13:40Al Ain2-2-8v1-1-4Clann na hOman
14:00Dubai B0-2-2v3-5-14Qatar B
14:20Abu Dhabi B8-4-28v0-1-1Al Ain
14:40 0-0-0v0-0-0 
15:00Ladies Plate Final -Arabian Celts1-3-6v1-4-7Ladies Plate Final - Qatar A
15:20Mens Inter Cup - Riyadh0-2-2v1-4-7Mens Inter Cup - Kuwait

Pitch 3 (Grass)             
09:00Arabian Celts B6-5-23v0-0-0
09:20Arabian Celts All Stars3-5-14v153-6Naomh Alee Riyadh B
09:40Kuwait Harps B1-4-7v1-2-5Arabian Celts FC
10:00Qatar B0-0-0v12-10-46Kuwait Harps A
10:20Kuwait Harps B2-5-11v1-3-6Abu Dhabi D
10:40Oman GAA0-0-0v0-0-0Abu Dhabi Harlequeens
11:00Qatar B0-0-0v6-7-25Naomh Alee Riyadh
11:20Arabian Celts All Stars1-6-9v1-1-4Arabian Celts FC
11:40Kuwait Harps B1-4-7v1-4-7Naomh Alee Riyadh B
12:00Arabian Celts B - Junior Final 1-5-8v3-6-15Abu Dhabi Harlequeens - Junior Final
12:20Kuwait Harps A4-5
17v0-3-3Naomh Alee Riyadh
12:40Abu Dhabi C8-8-32v1-0-3Kuwait Harps B
13:00Arabian Celts All Stars0-6-6v1-5-8Kuwait Harps B
13:20Naomh Alee Riyadh B2-5-11v3-3-12Arabian Celts FC
13:40Ladies Inter Semi - Kuwait A8-5-29v0-1-1Ladies Inter Semi - Duwait
14:00Ladies Inter Plate- Abu dhabi D2-7-13v1-0-3Ladies Inter Plate - Qatar B
14:20Mens Junior - Arabian Celts All stars2-4-10v0-3-3Mens Junior - Kuwait Harps B
14:40Ladies Junior-Arabian Celts B1-8-11v3-6-15Ladies Junior - Abu Dhabi Harlequeens
15:00Mens Inter Plate - Clann na Homan2-2-8v1-043Mens Inter Plate - Oman GAA
15:20Ladies Inter Final- Kuwait Harps A4-7-19v0-1
1Ladies Inter Final - Riyadh B


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